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VBg 1011495_10201297463094524_1619023233_nModern Q Messenger-Baby Edition


 Im taking the chance and throwing my creative skills into the Sewvivor Season 3: Quilter’s Edition auditions! Rachel at Family Ever After is the host and being a huge fan following along with the past 2 seasons, I had to jump in. Im submitting my Modern Q Messenger-Baby Edition Bag. The bag is my own pattern and the herringbone block that Ive done a few times is from a Bijou Lovely tutorial from a couple years ago and is still up. This cute bag was created for a dear family friend and is loaded with 8 total slip pockets inside and out, 2 additional bottle/cup pockets outside, 2 elastic bottle holders inside, an inside zipper pocket, stroller straps and personalized with babies name.

VBg 1377126058944

  Herringbone Block and Quilting in progress…

VBg 1376169520397

Thank You sew much for stopping by and please join me keeping fingers and toes crossed to make it into the 1st round of 16…Wish Me Luck!

Wristlet Wallet Tutorial at Whimsy Fabrics Blog

VBg Wallet2 Button Closure Outside Finished IMG_2152                r2VBg Walkin Wristlet rsneak peek4 IMG_2074
Have you seen my tutorial, VBg Walkin’ Wristlet & Button Wallet for Whimsical Fabrics? You can find the full tutorial at Danielle’s store blog. My usual go-to wallet/wristlet is an ITH Machine Embroidery design (quick! and easy!) but when Danielle asked about a wallet I knew what I had to do, create one! So with a very basic sketch I started adding in all my favorite techniques (ie, shortcuts, lol) and Walkin’ Ribbon Wristlet & Button Wallet are born! Oh, and they weren’t ALL old techniques…Im the proud new owner of KAM Snaps and Pliers (totally rawks in ease of use!) and some Adorable Riley Blake Buttons! Pssst…Danielle has these adorable Buttons here and I hear she might be going to carry KAM Snaps in the very near future too, wink wink!

VBg Whimsical Fabric Wallet Fabrics IMG_2098

Danielle’s lovely fabric choices, Riley Blake Sidewalks for the Button Wallet and Riley Blake Chevron and Gracie Girl for the Wristlet…Love them all, Thank You!

Ok, Ill leave you with a few more photos to send you off and if you stitch one up,  please please please send me a pic and let me know how it sewed up for you 🙂

VBg Wallet2 Finished 2148           VBg Wallet2 Inside Finished IMG_2151         VBg Walkin Wristlet rsneakpeek2 IMG_2094

Happy St. Patty’s Day

Shamrock Seeds

Shamrock Seeds

Aren’t these the cutest! Well, they are for a classroom full of boys so maybe coolest would be the preferred description, LOL! DD, DGS and I were able to whip these up in less than 15mins assembly line style for Dylan to take to school. I printed off the toppers that Printabelle designed and offered free at Great site for professional printables, they have the corresponding sticky labels for reference as well and hello, loads of freebie printables. These were designed for boxes Tic-Tacs but I had these green and white gumballs on hand so we just cut, folded in half and stapled the toppers over little ziplock bags. Oh, quick tip if you need colored staples…just use a sharpie to color the tops, right in the stapler, bam! I can hear 12 happy kids popping bubbles all the way home 🙂

0316142017a 0316142022a 0316142033a

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great St Patty’s Day too! Have Fun and Stay Safe!

VBg Reversible Quick Tote

rVBg Quick Tote LgandSm_whimsical fabrics_rileyblake_amdesigns IMG_1591     r4VBg Quick Tote LgandSm_whimsical fabrics_rileyblake_amdesigns IMG_1603    r2VBg Quick Tote LgandSm_whimsical fabrics_rileyblake_amdesigns IMG_1597

So happy to be sharing the how-to’s for these cute and easy totes at Whimsical Fabrics Blog for Tuesday Tutorial! Danielle, Im so honored to be sharing with you and all your  Whimsical Fabric fans, Thank You for the opportunity! Special Thanks also to Michelle at Abigail Michelle, for her easy stitching and on trend machine embroidery designs! Head on over to Danielle’s blog and let me know what you think!

For anyone new stopping by, Thank You and be watching for the promised Fabric Flower and Key Chain to match tutorials here soon! Id love it you’d check out my ongoing projects on Facebook at Vintage Barngirl. 

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Sew Off, Dot Dot Dash and More

Sew Off, Dot Dot Dash and More

Have you heard about The Sew Off over at Naptime Crafters? Ive been  follower of Amy’s for a long time now and was over the moon when she posted this little competition (though its not so little, ggg). Ive decided to have a go and if I get this blog post finished in time Ill be entered into my first “Sew Off” wheee! Yaa, I may have needed to start this a little sooner but then that is totally not my style…Im the one always running in at the final bell, LOL! My entry is my Dot Dot Dash Bag, Wallet and Notepad Holder. The bag has 7 zippers and the wallet has 2, yep, Im over my fear of zippers, LOL! Thank You Sara at Sew Sweetness for the Bag pattern and Ann at Jericho Designs for the ITH Wallet and Notepad Holder machine embroidery designs!




A Button made of Feathers was meant for this Fabric and I was thrilled to come across it one day just killing time at Joann’s. Do you do that, just hang out at Joann’s or is it just  me, ggg.

ImageImageThis little wallet packs a big punch! 2 zipper pockets, 3 slip pockets and a magnetic snap closure! It was the March project for the Get Sew Inspired Yahoo Group project if you participated in the Fat Quarter Swap back in Oct/Nov of last year. Ann designs and with the help of her incredible assistant Dottie, puts up a monthly project. Its either an ITH (In The Hoop) project or machine embroidery designs with a sewing project. Its a wonderful group that Ann and Dottie have, with great members and awesome pojects, we all Get Sew Inspired by each others projects every month! After the month is over Ann posts the projects for sale on her website so even if you don’t have time to play along during the month you can still get the project 🙂

Image This was the Get Sew Inspired March 2013 project for everyone (even if you didn’t do the fat quarter swap). The Notepad Holder can be hung to keep your running list and then toss it in your bag to hold the notepad and it has 2 slip pockets for coupons and a pen too, woot, woot! Oh, see those pens in the pockets of this cute notepad? Those are Pilot FriXion Erasable Gel Pens…you can use them on fabric and then just touch with your warm iron to make them disappear or you can just rub with the eraser tip but what fun is that, hehehe. Love These!!!

Ok, Im off to post my link…Im so nervous, wish me luck and watch for a few more posts to go up on this blog! Oh and if you want to see my old, really old, blog to check out some things Ive done over the years pop over to Vana63 and for more up to date sewing projects at my Facebook Page Vintage Barngirl. Id be very grateful if you’d give me a “like” there too, Big Hugs!

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