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Entry Level Sewing Machines for the Beginner Sewist


I was so honored to host a student in my sewing room this weekend! Thank You Caitlyn, I loved helping you and am so looking forward to seeing you again in 2 weeks. Her 1st lesson, her 1st zipper pouch and a key fob too…you go girl, go!!! I’ll work on gathering the rest of the photos too and post them, we had SEW much Fun! As we were talking about what is a good 1st new machine, I started thinking about “what would I recommend for a new sewist”, hmmm. Well, with a little help from around the web and a draw from my own machine experiences (good and bad, ggg) I’ve picked 3, one is computerized and two are not but all 3 have a top/drop-in bobbins. In my honest opinion, it’s the single thing that can make or break a new sewist and so worth the extra few dollars for this feature on an entry-level machine! ok, here’s my lineup with Amazon links for more info and pricing…and all 3 are budget friendly, because you’ll need $$$ for supplies and a fabric stash too  🙂


Brother CS6000i


Singer 4423 Heavy Duty

Janome 2212 Full Size

Janome 2212 Full Size

I have to give credit at the below link too…incredible source of info, Thank You for sharing!

If you made it this far, Thank You and if you have any questions post them here and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.


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