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Fall Gift Box Set

Here they come, are you ready? Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Wheeeee! I love quick to stitch handmade gifts this time of the year. When Nancy at Embroidery It asked on her blog for folks that would like to collaborate…Thanks Sew Much Nancy!!!



I chose the ITH (in the hoop) Fall Gift Boxes Set and they are perfect for fast stitching and for cuteness factor!  Stitch each box with a few supplies you probably already have on hand (felt and fabric), put a small treat or candies in the center, tie them closed with ribbon or twine  and set one by each place setting. Done and adorable! If you have time you could stand a name card in one of slits on each to use them for place cards too.



The “quick to stitch holiday gifts” seem to be becoming a theme here so watch for more over the next few days and weeks 🙂

Happy Happy Holidays!!!




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  1. Oh Vanessa those turned out just as cute as can be!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed stitching them. Hugs!!!

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