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knock knock, is that crickets I hear round here? Thankfully, Becky from Choose Happy has challenged me to join in on the Tour Through Blogland and get me back on track to post here. A quick 4 questions to be back up to speed and Im in 🙂

Last we saw I had entered the Quilting Contest and sadly just missed out but no worries, Ive been sewing nearly everyday since and of course there is always plenty of farm work to keep me busy through the Fall. Speaking of Fall, how did that happen? Seems like we just got Summer started! Ok, onto to those 4 questions…

1) What Im Working On: Getting ready for Camp Stitchalot Fall 2014! Have you heard of Pink Castle Fabrics?

“Remember Camp when you were younger?  This is like that, with sewing…  And hot water…  And better food…  And no bugs!

Camp Stitchalot is a sewing retreat that takes place Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall in beautiful Pleasant Lake, Michigan! You arrive on a Friday, depart the following Sunday, and in between your every sewing need is catered to. Accommodations, including lodging, meals, and transportation are taken care of so you focus on fun, friends, and fabric. “Camp Counselors” offer workshops throughout the weekend for special projects like the Camp Stitchalot Bag, and there’s more than enough space to spread out and do your own thing. It’s your weekend, free of distraction and overflowing with fun.”

Crafty Bed&Breakfast, in a renovated vintage barn, hosted by 2 very talented Quilt Shop ladies? Yes please! Its the perfect getaway for this Vintage Barngirl! One of the projects Ive been working on and is definitely making the trip with me is this adorable Train Case pdf pattern that is coming soon by Sara and the Machine Embroidery Designs are the Enchanted Sewing Set by Sue

VBg Crimson and Clover Sewing Case_med3 IMG_2346

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? Most of Vintage Barngirl’s projects start as test patterns. Be it professionally digitized Machine Embroidery designs or Indie PDF patterns, I enjoy being part of the process! Its an honor to be trusted with watching a designers ideas come to life at my sewing machine(s), snapping web quality photos of the finished project and giving kind, honest feedback. Their success, feels like its my success too 🙂

3) Why do I create what I do? I really do find sanity in my sewing room.  From the hum of the machine to the creating beautiful tangible things from paper and ink (or digital file, ggg) makes all things right in the world for me, even if only for a short time each day.

4) How does your creating process work? As most of my projects start out as Test Patterns my creative process starts as a digi file or pdf pattern file and fabric from my stash. Im not usually aware of what test pattern is going to come across my computer so I let the design “pick” the fabric when it arrives. As for projects that aren’t for a testing, I still like to let the fabric be the inspiration to the creation 🙂

Thank You Sew Much Becky! Ill be back shortly to announce my nominees 🙂


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