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Dot Dot Dash for Mom

dot dot dash bag_vbg IMG_0224

Told you Id be back…just didn’t think it would be 5mos later, LOL! Let me start by saying Thank You Sara of Sew Sweetness,  for just the right Bag to get me motivated to blog! I’ll be making another one or 3 of these bags! I’ve been a happy follower of Sew Sweetness for quite some time as I admire her choice of fabrics, her bags, her dresses, her style and I love that we both live in the suburbs of Chicago! We got to meet in person at The Sewing Summit last fall.  Yes, she is as adorable in person as she is on her blog and Im sew happy that she is opening her own pattern shop, Congrats Sara!  Click the photo to get a better look…its got 5 zippers on the front and a recessed zipper across the top, This Bag Rawks!!! The pattern can be found here .

I also need to say Thank You Mom, for sending the perfect Fabric and making the request for lots of pockets so long ago, long before Sara even posted that she was looking for pattern testers! Your “Mom” vibes were totally working that day, xox

ok, I still owe a post on The Sewing Summit so Ill be back…







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