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Vintage Barn Girl Sews…

Ive been around the digital sewing and crafting world for quite a few years now and you might remember me as Vana63 at my old blog here. Its been a couple yearsrs since I posted there but still some nice things to see, my love for sewing, paper crafting, family, photography and the farm life! As a writer, I struggle, sigh and you’ll quickly find proof of that as well…type, type, type, backspace, backspace, backspace, uhg! Somewhere in there I lost the inspiration to continue BUT this past year, I bought a web name and Im heading off to The Sewing Summit next month in hopes of finding my online voice again and a new outlet for all my crafty goodiness in the future. Oh, Ive kept up sewing and crafting and of course, the family and farm so Ill be posting the most recent pics and projects and throw in a few oldies along the way.

150going Sewing Summit 2012


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  1. You are young! My wife is older and she quilts and beads. Happy blogging!



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